About Me

A visionary guy...

Rodolfo Isaac Custodio

I'm 24 years old, a normal guy from Guatemala but anxious for making my country a better place. I studied Systems Engineering at Mesoamericana University, Im a app developer, web designer and systems analyst.

I have my own company, La Guanaba© is a company dedicated to developing web sites, mobile apps, community manager, business analysis and cloud hosting for any company. I started with the company in mid-2014, I have been well received and look forward to 2017 my company positioned as the best in the region.

The photographer

I began to feel love for photography in 2010, when an application called Instagram appeared in the App Store, for some Instagram is only an application and can not demonstrate the skills of photography, but it was there that I was inspired to improve my photographs . Initially, only I used my smartphone to take pictures, but at the end of 2014 my dad gave me a Canon T3i and it was from there that I began to develop in professional photography.

I do not consider myself a professional photographer, I've only had a couple of courses and workshops in the city and tips that I have received from professional photographers in my country. Every day I try to improve and I know that not everyone thinks I'm good, but that motivates me to be better.